What to wear on site and online…

What to wear on site and online.

Last week we decided to spend an evening out at the casino. It is a unique experience with an outstanding atmosphere. To ensure this experience remains exceptional most casino’s adopt a dress code. This dress code is called: stylish and well-groomed.

There are a range of ways to dress in a stylish and well-groomed way. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a dress or a suit, that’s not a problem. Just dress appropriately for a special evening out. That’s something that begins at home at the wardrobe.

Below you will find guidelines on clothing that does not fit in with what casino’s consider to be stylish or well-groomed, and which does not fit in with the unique experience and outstanding casino environment. Should you be wearing the clothing listed below, it is possible that you will be denied access to the casino.

Baggy jeans
Hooded sweaters
Clothing with conspicuous advert text or pictures of artists
Clothing with offensive textff47ba42252260833a69fc2e8a234e67
Jackets and body warmers for outside
Short trousers and sleeveless T-shirts for men
Sports clothes
Skimpy or translucent clothing
Damaged or worn clothing

On the other hand, all of the above is suitable at home or on the move when playing your favorite online casino games!