Slot Machine
Bet: The amount which the player wagers on the slot game.
Bet Max: The maximum number of coins you can wager.
Bonus Feature: A feature within a slot game that gives you extra ways of winning.
Bonus Trail: A popular bonus feature found in fruit machines where players progress on a trail with the objective of winning credits or other bonus features.
Branded Slots: A slot game based on a popular brand, be it a movie, book, character or comic series (eg. Marvel Comics series).
Classic Slots: Slot games with a traditional design, usually consisting of 3 reels and any number of pay lines. May or may not include features such as scatters or multipliers.
Coin Size: The denomination of the coin you wish to play in the slot machine.
Coins Per Line: The amount of coins wagered on each pay line.
Coins Per Spin: The amount of coins chosen to wager on each game.


Credits: Tokens which represent money in a slot game.
Fruit Machine: Another name for a slot game, usually played in the United Kingdom. Has unique features such as hold and nudge options.
Gamble Feature: An optional bonus feature which allows players to double or even quadruple their wins, usually by guessing the correct card color or suit.
Hit: A win on a slot machine.
Hit Frequency: A term used to measure how often a slot machine pays out a winning combination.

Hold Feature: A feature where you can hold one or more of the reels on their next spin. Usually found on fruit machines.
Jackpot: The highest win on a slot machine.
Loose Slot Machine: A machine which returns a high percentage to the player and is therefore a popular choice.
Maximum Bet: The highest possible wager in coins for a slot game.
Multi-denominational: Slot games which accept a number of different coin denominations.
Multi-line slot: This is a slot game which has more than one pay line.
Nudge Feature: A feature usually found on a fruit machine which allows you to nudge either one or more of the three reels on the next spin.
One Armed Bandit: A colloquial way of referring to a slot machine.
Payback: The percentage of rewards which the slot machine will pay out to the player in relation to the amount of money wagered.
Payout: The amount of money paid to the winner after a successful lineup of specific images or winning a bonus feature.
Payout Percentage: The percentage of wagers that a machine pays back over a long period of time.


Pay Table: A table which charts how much the particular slot machine will pay out on each winning combination. Also indicated on the pay table are usually bonus features and sometimes game rules.
Progressive Slots: A group of slot games by the same software provider which share a communal jackpot. Each time one of the games are played, the jackpot increases and can be hit on any of the progressive slots.
Progressive Ticker: A part of the slot machine which shows how much the progressive jackpot is currently valued at.


Random Number Generator: Generates new numbers in the slot machine on a random basis. Used by online casinos to prove to players that the results of slot games are completely random.
Reels: The symbols on a slot machine appear on these rotating barrels. The majority of slot machines have up to 5 reels.
Spin: The turning of the reels until they come to a stop to reveal whether you win a payout.
Stacked Wilds: A bonus feature where wild symbols are positioned on top of each other on the reels for extra payouts.
Symbols: The images on the reels.
Tilt: A slot machine which is not functioning correctly.
Video Slots: A slot machine comprising a video screen where reels are generated as a picture.
Wild Multiplier: A wild symbol which substitutes for others to create winning combinations and multiplies the winnings it helps create.
Winning Combinations: The number of ways to win as seen on the pay table.