Introduction to the Internet Dialect


Some say language is at it best when spoken. However others prefer the written word. Anyway – like the proverb says – the word is stronger than the sword. Whatever the dialect and medium is. That goes for old school media but for new school media like Facebook and WhatsApp. In fact, these types of media have brought us a totally new kind of language. Dialect or slang if you will. Here is a summary of common abbreviations and or symbols you have to understand when you ‘talk digital’.

OMG: O-My-God. Needs no explanation.

BFF: Best Friends Forever. Typical girl talk that comes with typical girly behaviour.


Bae: babe/before anyone else. The earliest known use of Bae dates back to a tweet – “my girl hates being called bae but i still call her that bc it stands for Before Anyone Else”. Also used by pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Pharell Williams.

DM: Direct Message. This is Twitter’s direct message feature which lets you send and receive messages without the glare of the public. This comes in really handy if you’re trying to say something sweet or naughty to one or two persons. DM has gotten just as big as the use of PM (Personal Message/Private Message).

FML: Fuck My Life. This comes in handy if you just suffered an unfortunate situation and you need a way to express your displeasure.

TIL: Today I Learnt. When you re-learn a previously learned information and it’s still great to you, you share it with the world by adding a “TIL”.

*Facepalm*: short for “I am an idiot”. It can be used to convey feelings of: unbelief, disappointment, dismay, sarcasm, embarrassment, disapproval or ridicule.

IRL: In Real Life. People use it to separate their real lives and what’s happening in it from their online personalities.

Selfie: short for “self-portrait picture”. Admit it. You also have made one or two.


WYD: What You Doing. WYD can also be used as a hashtag – #WYD. WYD typically starts a conversation. It sometimes indicates a plan to hang out.

Take the L: Short for “Take the Loss”. Meaning accepting your failure. It became really popular for some reason and it seems it will enjoy a few more years on the digital high- and subway

MVP: Most Valuable Player. Originated from sports but hijacked by internet users when referring to someone who did something considered awesome to a certain group of people in the world.


Dafuq: What the Fuck? Just another way to express confusion. Simple and powerful.