Got to get these Gadgets

Gadgets a Go-Go

Let us indulge in some gadgets that have been proven to be useful to women and people in general. Keeping the research to the products that have already been invented, the following items are on their way into people’s homes and lives. The products are synthesized based on the basic essential needs of the modern woman today. These may not be the products created by one organization alone, there are quite a few brands that create similar products. For the simplicity of the article, a few have been highlighted.



Fact: Women are more avid book buyers and readers than men. With the slow death of paper and rise of technology, it only makes sense to use a specific tablet only meant for reading, a e-book reader, the best being Kindle. Amazon Kindle is popular with e-books and easy download options. It has become a favorite among the ladies. Makes a great gift too!

Blue Maestro Pacif-i


Now this is one device that every mother at some point in her life has wished to have. Blue Maestro introduces Pacif-i that lets parents keep a track of baby’s temperature and location and even the pacifier’s location if a child has removed it. This pacifier lets parents to set distance parameter (for eg. 20 meters) , baby movement beyond which would send a notification to the smartphone.

All this information is send to your mobile and through an app to track all the necessary details to make the next doctor’s appointment easier and simpler!



This is a more trendy way to get notifications, without having to check the phone each time it buzzes annoyingly. It is an ornamental 18K gold cocktail ring that lets your smartphone sync with the most important emails, call, texts and even apps and with custom color and vibration notifications, the beautiful ring lets you never miss an important notification when your phone seems to be lost in your bag or is inaccessible. On another note, the Ring’s a keeper!

Instant Mobile printer


Ladies! Need a printed precious picture from your smartphone, without having to wait for a trip to the printers? Well, there’s a printer right in your bag! From polaroid to regular picture printing, more devices have emerged, based on a user’s emphasis on handiness, quickest print and good quality standards.

Some of which, are the Polaroid Zip, Fujifilm instax, Canon Selphy and Grey Label G10. All the selfie-lovers, photo collectors, unite at this one.

Cobra Electronics Tag


Can I hear a hallelujah? Misplaced your bag, keys, laptop,(your baby?)? CobraTag has got your back, or bag precisely. The tag uses Bluetooth technology to sync with your phone and when you cannot find it, beeps and even shows the distance from where you seem to be searching. Not so forgetful are we anymore?



This is pure genius, so much so that the men would want one too! EverPurse has been the mastermind behind the wisdom of a bag+charger. And who joins this gang? Kate Spade! When fashion meets technology, there can only be a harmonious relationship of the smart phone and the owner. No wires, no hunt for charging outlet, no fuss over a dead phone. Charge the bag overnight over the charging mat and you have your EverPurse ready to function again! Genius!

Stelle Audio mini speaker and Bluetooth clutch


All my party girls, where y’at? Technology is all about the multi-task feature. And Stelle Audio seems to be quite creative with the Bluetooth Clutch that doubles as mini speaker to take the party with you wherever you go. It syncs with your phone and plays music, notifies you when you get a call, lets you change tracks on the phone, runs up to 15 hours, connects with a USB to be charged and let’s not forget the mirror and the compartment which makes it as functional as any ordinary party clutch. Except, not so ordinary are we, divas?

Camera detachable phone lens


Love photography and don’t have your camera on you? No worries, the trusty Sony Q100X smartphone detachable lens is perfect for your needs. 18.2 Megapixel with 10 x optical zoom, Bionz image processing engine, Optical Steady Shot and so much more creativity. Guess you can capture the perfect moments just how you like it after all!

Foreo Moda 3D Printer


Okay guys, we get it, our makeup takes up most of the time in our lives. So what would a true gentleman do? You get us a Foreo Moda 3D printer. That “prints” makeup? Wait…does that mean The Jetsons era is finally here?

Getting straight to the point, this whole machine, scans your face, scans the input or the look you have opted for, 30 seconds flat, you’re ready to walk out the door. It indeed sounds too good to be true as it dispenses skin-safe minerals with layer-by-layer application right from primer to foundation to color. Other than the obvious make-life-easier option, this is just the beginning of quicker makeup times and less anxious men.

Safety Apps


There is an app for everything, and crime world hasn’t been easier on women. And let’s face it, technology may not be able to prevent crime from happening, in some cases it might, but it does help in sending an alarm to a loved ones through an app, and serve as evidence as well. Strictly speaking an App is not a gadget, but it gets an honorable mention as it turns your smartphone into a security gadget. There are plenty of Apps available like bSafe, Circle of 6, Guardly, Red Panic Button, React Mobile, StaySafe, WatchOverMe, etc… . With specific options for GPS tracking notifications, to panic buttons which get people’s attention, to automated video, audio and capture features that help a smartphone owning woman in tough situations, this is definitely something you wouldn’t mind downloading.