Casino Games (general)

Casino Games (general)
Banker: The hand representing the house, usually found in Baccarat.
Basic Strategy: A way to play a casino game (eg. blackjack) that has been determined to give the dealer the lowest advantage possible.
Bet: A form of wager.
Betting Limits: The amounts determined by the casino to be the minimum and maximum bets which can be placed by the player at one time. These are also known as table stakes.
Chips: Disks that are used to represent money (real or play) at the casino.
Collect: The button on a game (usually slots) which allows players to convert their credits into cash.
Deal: The act of distributing cards to the player by the dealer.
Deuce: Aka Two. Used in a number casino games to refer to the number two.


Edge: Advantage. Could be the player over an opponent or the house, or the house over the player.
Even Money Bet: A wager placed where the odds are 1:1 (ie. the bet pays the amount that was wagered).
Face Card: A card featuring a face (ie. Jack, Queen, King).
Flat Betting: Where the player places the same sum wager time after time without varying the amount bet.
Free Spin: A free game in a slot game, usually won through a bonus feature.
Hand: The cards which are dealt to the player by the dealer.


High Roller: A player who makes large bets during a gaming session.
Hole Card: The card dealt face down, usually in poker or blackjack.
Hot: A player who is experiencing a winning streak during a gaming session.
Insurance: A side bet made in certain casino games, usually optional.
Layout: Markings on a casino game table indicating where bets need to be placed.
Maximum Bet: The highest sum players are allowed to bet in a casino game.
Micro Limit: Casino games where wagers are kept to the minimum.
Multiplier: A bonus feature in games such as slots where payouts are multiplied several times over.
Payout: The money received for winning a bet.
Push: A tie between the dealer and player. The player’s original bet is returned in a push hand.
Random Number Generator: A system which ensures that all numbers generated in a casino game are random to ensure fairness.
Wager: A bet made on a casino game.
Wild: Symbols which stand in for others (usually in slots) to for winning combinations.