Black Jack

Black Jack Slang
Bankroll: The amount of money you have to spend on your blackjack session.
Basic Strategy: A proven strategy which you use to increase your advantage in the game.
Blackjack: Besides the official name of the game, also refers to two cards which equal a total of 21 – known as a natural blackjack.
Cut: Splitting the deck of cards and putting them back together again.
Deal: The act of distributing cards to the player by the dealer.


Double Down: To place a second bet on the blackjack table based on the cards in hand.
Draw: Receiving another card.
Early Surrender: Surrender your bet before the dealer checks for a Blackjack.
Face Cards: Cards with a ‘face’ in a deck – ie. Jacks, Queens, Kings
Hit: Requesting another card in an attempt to reach 21.
Insurance: Insurance on a bet should the dealer have a face up card that’s an Ace.

Split Hand: When you are dealt a pair, you have the option of splitting the cards to form two separate hands.
Stand: When you hold on 17 or higher. Also known as Stay.
Surrender: A decision to fold your hand and receive half your wager back.