5 year old wins $ 500.000 in Online Poker

In 2010, it was reported in a myriad of casino websites and blogs that Aashish Nanak, an eight year-old boy from Chandigrah, India, won half of a million dollars (22,912,500.38 Indian Rupees) in an online Poker tournament.

Allegedly, the eight year old boy is a computer genius who was first introduced to computers at the age of three. He started building webpages at four and by the age of six he was already interested in online poker. When he won half of a million dollars, Aashish was using his uncle’s account. “He has always loved the internet and computers, he started his own web pages when he was only four years old, he is a very clever boy,” said Aashish’s mother.


According to the information, the poker room ended up refusing to pay out the winnings considering the age of the boy. The Nanak family says the poker website knew about the real age of the boy because even the staff members called the boy the “littlepokerwizard.” The boy had even managed to win and collect smaller amounts of money on the same website and he got paid through a PayPal account that his uncle had set up for him.

The poker website, which aims to remain anonymous, blocked his account. The boy’s family and the poker room ended up in a legal battle in front of a New Delhi court. The outcome has not been reported.