115 hours of Poker

In what can only be described as an amazing display of endurance and charity, Phil Laak’s Guinness World Record attempt for continuous Poker play finally came to an end 115 hours after it began. Playing for the record and for the charitable organization Camp Sunshine, Laak originally intended to stay at the Bellagio poker room table for 80 hours. Almost a day and a half after hitting the 80-hour mark, the “Unabomber,” with his girlfriend Jennifer Tilly at his side, decided to cash in his chips.

Amazingly, Laak pulled off the poker marathon with absolutely no stimulants of any kind. He consumed no coffee, no caffeine, or anything illegal. He credits his fitness for this challenge to his nutritionist, who kept the “Unabomber” fed, healthy and alert throughout the challenge.


Laak remained remarkably fit and alert during the World Record try, and at one point he dropped to the ground to perform 30 push-ups in exchange for a $1000 donation to Camp Sunshine. With only 5-minute breaks every hour (which were allowed to be accumulated), Laak did experience some minor physical discomfort as the hours and days ground on, at one point complaining, “I’ve got itchy-ass syndrome a little bit, but I got some talcum powder on my last break.”